Who does not want to be happy? but the choices we make in our lives decide what we get in return. We often confuse happiness as the end result of activities we are able to do successfully like earning loads of money, buying assets or getting into relationships.

However, happiness is simply a state of mind, it lays within you. If you work towards taking care of yourself holistically, you are sure to realize the happy state of mind.

Here are 3 ways in which you can release the happiness chemicals in your brains:

  1. Be true to yourself: The expectation we have from external world and the sensitivities we create around us, blur our understanding of happiness. Think through what actually makes you happy, it must not really be loads of money in your account, may be you are happier spending time with your friends or family. Think deeper without external influence and know what really makes you happy.
  2. Make time for pleasure: build in your routines things that are simply not work, add fun elements in your daily routine, while ensuring effective balance is maintained. There are different things that makes people happy and each one’s source of happiness may be different. Find yours.
  3. When at work – don’t deviate, do your job with complete attention and focus. Your efforts will exponentially compound and deliver you the results that others will envy. Keep doing, ignore negativity and also don’t get carried away with initial success.

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