Today in our third episode we are meeting Dattatray Sawant, a school teacher and part-time auto driver, who came up with an innovative idea of converting his auto into a makeshift ‘Oxygen Ambulance’ to ferry Covid patients to hospital for FREE.

While the schools are shut for summer holidays and may not open anytime soon due to Covid19, he is out on streets of Mumbai helping patients to get to the nearby hospitals for free, while taking all precautions like wearing a PPE kit, sanitizers etc.

Sawant, lives in Ghatkopar and is an English teacher at Dnyansagar Vidya Mandir School. Considering the increasing number of Covid patients across Mumbai, Sawant was moved from their plight and given the fact that ambulance providers charging much more than normal rates, Sawant jumped in to do his bit.

Sawant says, ‘many patients are dying due to untimely treatment, to add to their misery ambulances are either not available or not affordable. And often public vehicles do not provide services to Covid patients. In such cases, my free service will be available to the patients atleast in my area.

He further said that there is nothing to be scared about as everyone including doctors, nurses are putting their lives in danger and helping the patients. ‘I do not fear getting infected’, added Sawant.

He is able to operate the auto-rickshaw with the salary he earns as a teacher and contributions made from his wife and few other good samaritans. He says, after he started this service, he has a feeling of finding a meaning for his life. Sawant has so far ferried over 40 patients since April 2021 onwards and is confident to continue his service as long as the COVID-19 wave continues. Many people are providing financial help to Sawant. Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has announced that it will help Sawant in whatever way possible.

We need to help people like Dattatray Sawant today and enable him to not only take care of his family because he is fighting there on the street of Mumbai fighting Covid, but also enable him to further help others.

You can donate to him directly; his account details are as follows:Name: Sawant Dattatray Damu, Account No. 582202010013564   IFS code: UBIN0558222

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