Our Approach

We have the potential to be high performing, compassionate and grounded, even during high-stress situations and challenging times. Success and well-being require mental clarity, self-awareness, focus and the ability to connect deeply with others. Looking for a way to enhance mental performance, release stress, improve decision making and effectiveness, and let go of habits that aren’t serving you?

QoP’s purpose driven programs introduce you to the science and key practices that build your capacity for attention, compassion, self-awareness, resilience, positive outlook and connection.

Why Quest of Purpose?

In our live, in-person keynotes and learning programs, you’ll learn insights from experts.

We inspire real change with talks for groups ranging from 10 to 10,000.

Some Speaking Topics

Defining Your Purpose

The Power of Mindfulness

Self-Compassion: The New Superpower

Motivation: Knowing Your Why

5 Keys to Mindful Leadership

How to enhance Leadership Presence

3 Keys to Building Resilience

Navigating Complex Change

Personal Development; unlocking your potential

Let us share our unforgettable stories that reveal how to develop focus, resilience and purpose. True transformation requires more than just talk. We ignite new ways of thinking and doing with talks that create shifts in mindsets and actions. Audiences leave with both inspiration and clear actions. Our coaches will light up your audience with storytelling, experiences and practical how-to advice.