Vikram Kharvi

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I have over 23 years of rich experience helping brands and corporates build visibility and reputation. I have a successful career and everything that I wished when I started my career journey. Yet I felt something was missing, I couldn’t define what I truly want to do, there was a deep desire to discover what I truly want to achieve.

I knew there was more to life, but I was so busy and overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to start, the changes were too daunting to begin to tackle. There was a disconnect between who I wanted to be and who I thought I should be, and I always wanted to fit in so badly.

One day I decided to get on the journey of discovering my purpose in life, my true calling. I started reading everything that was available on leading a meaningful and purposeful life. Over the years, I curated a lot of content that helped me understand human potential and there it was, my true calling, to help people like me find their purpose in lives.

This quest gave birth to the platform – Quest of Purpose. Here we will share thoughtfully curated knowledge of purpose discovery, we will speak to many who have found their purpose, learn from you if you have found one, conduct courses with help of purpose coaches to help an individual discover their true potential.

I’m committed to helping others who wish to join me on this journey, together we can collaborate, help many more and make this world a better place to live. 

Ajay Pillai, Co-founder, Blue Fresh

Ajay Pillai, Co-founder, Blue Fresh,

I love Quest of Purpose and thought behind this platform, it will help many like me who want to discover their purpose in life. I am working on mine…

Pushkar Charan, Sr. Group Manager – Quality at WNS Global Services

Pushkar Charan, Sr. Group Manager – Quality at WNS Global Services,

Quest of Purpose helped to choose my calling, now I exactly know what to do and am in the process of charting a new path for myself, which will be more fulfilling rewarding and purpose-driven. I am eternally thankful for this platform

Shamal Pote, Director National Events, GJEPC India

Shamal Pote, Director National Events, GJEPC India,

I love reading the blogs and articles published on this platform, it makes me think and somewhere it has played a role in shaping my thought process. I am working towards being more mindful in whatever I do.


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